San Bernardino Mountains

The San Bernardino Mountains are a mountain range in Southern California, USA. The mountain range is high and robust and is located north / northeast of San Bernardino. The beautiful mountain range stretches across two counties in California. The region around the mountains of San Bernardinos is very popular with tourists and locals who like to hike and ski.

Many of the local rivers come from the area, and it rains much more than it does in the desert areas. The biodiversity around the mountain area is unique and varied. It is one of the state’s areas with the greatest biodiversity. The mountain is a habitat for the Mountain yellow-legged frog. The indigenous people have lived in and around the mountains for over 10,000 years. The mountains were used as hunting grounds, especially during the summer months.

San Bernardino Mountains

It was not until the end of the 18th century that the Sanskrit explorer renamed the San Bernandino Valley. Development among the colony took place very slowly until 1860, when the greatest gold rush in the mountains ever occurred in Southern California. The gold attracted settlers who settled around the mountains and a city began to take shape. Timber began to be extracted  on a large scale in the late 19th century.

At the beginning of the 20th century, rock formations were built around the water reservoirs. The mountains began to be designed to transport timber and water supply. Today, four major highways cross the mountains. All development has had a negative impact on both plant and animal life in the area.

San Bernardino National Forest

The San Bernardino National Forest is located about 120 kilometres east of Los Angeles. It contains four distinct mountain ranges and five wilderness areas covering more than 800,000 hectares.

The San Bernardino Mountains include the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area and part of the Bighorn Wilderness Area. From time to time, you notice the dead tree standing in the forest around the mountains. The primary reason for this has been an invasion of the bark beetle due to the drought that was during the years 1999-2002.


The San Bernardino Mountains are one of the most popular vacation destinations in Southern California with many outdoor activities, including climbing, hiking, camping, skiing, boating and more. It roughly borders the Mojave or High Desert to the north, the San Gabriel Mountains to the west, Joshua Tree National Park to the east and the eastern San Gabriel Valley to the south. The highlight of the mountain range is the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area.

The San Bernardino Mountains have several popular ski resorts located on or near Big Bear Lake. Lake Arrowhead to the west and Big Bear Lake to the east offer many water sports activities. The fact that Los Angeles is so close means that it has become a popular destination for many in Southern California.

The San Bernardino Mountains can be reached from several highways. Depending on which direction you come from, there are several ways to get to the mountains. How long the journey takes depends on how much traffic is out on the roads, and during the winter, snow can affect travel time a lot.