San Jacinto Mountains

The San Jacinto Mountains are also known as the San Jacinto Peak. It is a mountain with a peak 3302 meters above sea level. It is located in Riverside County, California in Mount San Jacinto State Park. It is the highest mountain in the county. The mountain serves as a natural border at the San Gorgonio Pass. The mountain is habitat for the Mountain yellow-legged frog.

San Jacinto Peak is ranked as the sixth most prominent peak in the 48 neighbouring states. The northern slope of the mountain is the most famous side where the famous Cactus to Clouds Trail is located.

San Jacinto Mountains

To the east of San Jacinto Mountain lies the town of Palm Springs, to the west is the mountain community of Idyllwild. From the top of the mountain you have a good view of all the spectacular places in the area.

“Four Saints”

Mount San Jacinto belongs to the “Four Saints”. That is the name of the four mountains in Southern California that are higher than 900 meters. All four are named after Catholic Saints; San Jacinto Peak, Mount San Gorgonio (the peak of the San Bernardino Mountains), San Bernardino Peak and Mount San Antonio (the peak of the San Gabriel Mountains).


About 30 million years ago, the creation of the San Jacinto Mountains began. 20 million years ago, a crack formed in the earth’s crust and the San Jacinto Mountains rose rapidly.

The indigenous people, Cahuilla, call the mountaintop “I a kitch” (or Aya Kaich), which means “smooth rocks’. It is considered the home of Dakush, the meteor and the legendary founder of Cahuilla.

In 1878, the summit was climbed by ranch owner Charles Thomas. The mountain was then named “San Jacinto Peak”. There are previously recorded climbs of the mountain, the earliest being made in September 1874 by the “F. of Riverside”. The northeast slope was climbed in 1931 by Floyd Vernoy and Stewart White of Riverside.

Near the summit of the San Jacinto peak is a stone hut built in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps under the leadership of Alfred Zarubicka. He was a stonemason from Serbo-Croatia who migrated to America and was known in Idyllwild as “Zubi”.

San Jacinto Mountains National Monument

San Jacinto Peak is easy to reach because many trails are easily accessible, as many trails go through Santa Rosa and the San Jacinto Mountains National Monument.

From the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, you can reach the most popular route, from Valley Station near Palm Springs up to Mountain Station. From there you can easily climb up the mountain via paths. It is possible to reach the top by hiking the Marion Mountain Trail from the nearby mountain town of Idyllwild.

In 1974, Sequoiadendron, giant trees, were planted out there. They are naturally reproduced but have been introduced on the site.